What problems healthcare providers face in India in sourcing medical equipment?

13 Dec

For years, healthcare providers in India had to rely on a rickety and patchy distribution system of medical consumables and equipment. They had to trust suppliers and distributors a lot in getting medical instruments delivered at the doorstep. There has been information asymmetry with purchase processes not streamlined at all. So, hospitals and clinics have never been able to benefit much from the conventional model that lacks optimization for sales and distribution costs as well for manufacturers. Bad delivery schedules, steep procurement prices and lack of access to remote areas, all this has been a bane impacting healthcare providers at different levels.

Let’s look at some of major problems faced by healthcare providers in sourcing medical supplies –

They are not getting the right price

Let’s admit it straightway – hospitals don’t get the right price they deserve in sourcing medical equipment. They know the conventional model is labyrinthine and layered with several players forming the distribution pyramid. So, the price has to be an obvious casualty as what manufacturers intend for end users hardly ever materialize in the same manner. Clearly, healthcare providers have had to contend with costlier supplies when they could, should, have got a better deal. But thanks to the arrival of online stores, this anomaly is largely gone out of the system and pricing is no longer the evil it once was. There will be no longer a steep fluctuation in price from the point of origin to point of sale and thus, buyers can expect right deals and big discounts.

They don’t always get genuine and quality products

Suppliers and distributors have a vice-like grip over the supply chain which seems to be the bane of the system as a whole. Their writ run large over the system so they get to decide whom to distribute what, where and when. The conventional model of procurement is such that manufacturers and buyers don’t get to communicate and convey ideas. This results in bad products peddled and quality largely missing due to system being infested by unauthorized distributors. With online platforms now becoming a popular mode of procurement, you could this malaise to go away gradually over the next few years or so. Clearly, the days of fake and substandard medical equipment entering the system is gone and only quality is going to find prominence from here on.

They are not benefiting from the tech advancements

We know how much suppliers want the status quo to go on for decades so that all the profits could be available to them alone. The tides however have shifted and the face of healthcare industry has transformed for the better. The procurement system is now redefined courtesy the tech advancements and their subtle implementation in the domain. A new model for procuring medical equipment has arrived on the firmament – online platform- blending the convenience of the old-age and aspirations of the new-age. So, anyone can now buy medical supplies even without having to rely on suppliers or on the existing system in place. It’s now all about finding a right medical equipment online India and then enjoying the new dimension to procurement of medical equipment.