The Tight Relationship between Marijuana and Teens

18 Dec

What is the relationship between marijuana and teens? It is surprisingly so close. Undeniably, teenage is a period where someone finds it really difficult and confusing. Despite the biological pressure, the environment is often unfriendly to them. Some teenagers may see this period is really interesting. But for some others, it can be depressing due to the problems faced daily at home and at school. Based on that fact, many people consumes drugs including marijuana at the first time is during their teenage time. Of course, it is something worrying for sure. Although some countries have allowed marijuana to be legalized for medical purposes, it is still a big no for normal people. To know more about this kind of plants along with its tight relationship with teenagers, here is the explanation.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana or Cannabis sativa is a kind of plants with high containing of fiber. However, it is more well-known for its narcotic substance mainly on the seeds; tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that is able to give such a euphoria effect to the users. In the society, this plant is a symbol of Hippies culture popular in US several years ago. Besides, marijuana and opium are also symbols of resistance toward the stream of globalism forced by capitalist countries to the developing ones. More than that, marijuana is also used in some cultures and even religions. In India, certain groups of people who worship Shiva use the derivative version of marijuana for the rituals. When it is related to the teenagers, consuming marijuana is part of their lifestyle. Well, it is due to their willingness to look cool and be appreciated by their community. Therefore, consuming and smoking it becomes a choice without thinking more about the side effects they may suffer later.

What are the side effects of marijuana for teenagers?

It is probably a little bit confusing. If it has been known and used even for a long time ago as a part of culture and lifestyle, why do the governments look so paranoid with it? are the side effects really dangerous? Based on the observations done with marijuana users as the objects, it is actually not addicted, different from other drugs with chemical substances to damage the brain cells. However, it can cause euphoria and concentration-loss if it is overly consumed. Besides, the users tend to be lazier as well as the brain tends to operate more slowly. Of course, it is really disadvantageous for teenagers and adults in which they need to be more productive.

It can be said that the side effects tend to be different for one user to another depending on the initial physical and psychological condition. Being related to the body metabolism, marijuana increases the heartbeat, imbalance the body’s coordination system. Therefore, when you are healthy enough without any disease that requires you to use it for medication, marijuana needs to be avoided. It is important also to share this knowledge particularly for teenagers since it is really not good for them.

What are the signs of teenagers consuming marijuana?

For parents, it is necessary to make sure whether your children deal with marijuana or don’t. Fortunately, marijuana users can be simply known through several indicators. First, if you think your children look moody and different than usual, it is not bad to suspect them. It can be due to the problems they have to face currently. But it is also a common sign of marijuana consumption. It is because this plant is a sort psychoactive substance directly connected to the brain. It simply changes the attitude and feeling. Second, have you ever found your child’s eyes are red after hanging out with their friends? If yes, be sure to ask them what they have done. Marijuana has an effect to the vision system due to the capillaries are swollen. This irritation is slightly seen from the eyes that are getting red. Third, if you find your children are so sleepy even more than usual, okay, it can be because the marijuana also. Check their recent activities. If there is no reason to be that tiring, again, they are suspicious. Lastly, when they act silly all day long while commonly they are not, yes, it is an indication of someone consuming marijuana recently. So, those are some matters to know about the relationship between marijuana and teens.