The History of Norditropin

The History of Norditropin
09 May

Norditropin (somatropin [rDNA origin]) is a copy of the human growth hormone that is naturally produced by the body. This hormone’s main responsibility is to promote cell reproduction, cell regeneration and most of all growth. However, there are some people who cannot produce the right amount of growth hormone and ends up being deficient. Norditropin replenishes growth hormone that the body is not making.

The first Human Growth Hormone treatment

A few years ago, synthetic hormones were still not made available. Due to the numerous cases of children suffering from growth hormone deficiency, scientists tried to extract human growth hormones from cadavers and purifying them in the late 1950’s. Maurice Raben successfully treated a boy who was suffering from growth hormone deficiency that time.

However, getting your hands on extracted growth hormone was not easy back then. Parents would need to make appointments to the local pathologists in order to collect enough growth hormones on the pituitary glands of cadavers. Next, a biochemist was contracted to purify enough growth hormones that could treat the patients. With such a complicated process, only a few families had the privilege to help their children be treated. And with the limited supplies of growth hormones extracted from cadavers only the most severe cases of growth hormone deficiencies were treated.

Back in the 1960’s the United States formed the National Pituitary Agency that becomes the branch of National Institutes of Health. The National Pituitary Agency was given the authority to collect pituitary glands in cadavers, supervise a large scale of the purification process for growth hormones and evenly distributes the purified growth hormones to numerous endocrinologists. Other state governments did the same in order to help treat children suffering from growth hormone deficiency.

However, a few years after the successful treatment of thousands of children came another problem. Scientists eventually diagnosed some patients who received growth hormone treatment with a rare case of disease known as Creutzfeldt–Jakob. This disease is a human prion disease that severely, progressively, and rapidly affects the brain. It gradually destroys and kills brain cells and eventually causes tiny holes in the brain.

Some scientists believed that there is some extracted growth hormone from cadavers that contains infectious prions that caused the said disease. It is by then that the production and extraction of human growth hormone were banned and removed from the market.

Fortunately, a biosynthetic growth hormone was created a few years later that replaced the cadaver-derived growth hormone. This biosynthetic growth hormone was used for therapeutic used not only in the United States but also in different countries. With the creation of a biosynthetic hormone, many large pharmaceutical companies decided to create their own brand of growth hormone.


Novo Nordisk first launched their own biosynthetic growth hormone back in the year 1973. They called it “Nanormon”. Norditropin was then approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA in 1995 in the United States. Today, Norditropin is available in 80 countries nationwide. Since 2003, there are more than 43,000 of growth hormone deficient people were treated and healed by Norditropin.

Just recently, Novo Nordisk launched their new FDA-approved Norditropin product called Norditropin® FlexPro® 30 mg/3.0 mL that allows patients to have an additional option of higher doses of growth hormone.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a multinational pharmaceutical company created back in 1989 and is headquartered in Bagsværd, Denmark. Novo Nordisk has production facilities in 8 countries and offices and affiliates in 75 countries. It has over 40,000 of employees globally and markets its product to over 180 countries nationwide. One of its affiliates is HGH Vallarta in Mexico.

This Danish pharmaceutical company manufactures and produce pharmaceutical services and products in which diabetes care devices and medications are their primary products. This company is also involved in hormone replacement therapies growth hormone therapy and homeostasis management. Moreover, this company is a member of EFPIA or the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.

Novo Nordisk is not a newcomer in the field of growth hormone therapies and is a trusted leader in endocrinology. In fact, they have been helping people suffering from growth hormone deficiency and disorder across the world for. Novo Nordisk has done drug developments and research for over 90 years and with 40 of those years are solely focused on growth hormones.