Stay Away From the Illegal Steroids

Stay Away From the Illegal Steroids
28 Dec

Whenever we speak of muscle growth pills, the first thing that strikes our mind is anabolic steroids. The reason behind is the controversy regarding the performance-enhancing steroids that are banned in the world of sports. The over-the-counter (OTC) steroids are known to produce fast results when it comes to bodybuilding. But since in most countries they are marked as illegal for bodybuilding, athletes and bodybuilders are forced to acquire them from the underground labs. Certain OTC supplements are available in the gyms, stores and even on the internet. Some fitness freaks also visit Walmart, GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe to purchase legal products used for bodybuilding.

Does GNC sell OTC steroids?

GNC does not sell steroids, as selling steroids without a valid prescription from a doctor is considered illegal. Instead at GNC, you will come across a variety of steroid alternatives which are known to produce similar effects without any side effects. Anabolic steroids have been banned in the US since 2001. So, after that even pharmacies are not allowed to sell these drugs. Normally, you will not come across anabolic steroids in OTC products as they are considered illegal to be sold openly. If by chance traces of steroids are found in any of the supplements then the stores have to immediately stop selling those products. Usually, these supplements should only be in the form of simple protein shakes, mass gainers and amino acids.

Medical usage steroids

Most of the steroids are approved only for medical usesand if the right person requires it for the right reason, then it can beto some extent legally sold over the counter.These steroids contain very little anabolic steroids which are hardly of any use for bodybuilding. Few such examples includesteroids for back pain, asthma,inflammation, testosterone, osteoporosis, few types of skin conditions and sometimes for medical weight gain purposes.Only if you are suffering from any of these medical conditions, you can acquire the steroids by presenting a valid prescription. But if you are looking for these steroids for the purpose of bodybuilding then it is actually very difficult to acquire such illegal stuff from normal pharmacies or stores.

Do legal steroids exists

If you are in search of performance-enhancing steroids, then you should be aware that you will hardly find anabolic steroids in OTC products. It is illegal to sell bodybuilding steroids over the counter. Legal steroids can only be sold to treat medical conditions. The only way out to acquire legal steroids is by producing a valid prescription from the doctor. No pharmacy or store is allowed to sell steroids for non-medical purposes. If they are found to do so, the owner could even be put behind the bars. The chief reason for restricting the use of anabolic steroids in most countries is to minimize their use as they cause harmful side effects. So, if you purchase any of the anabolic steroids by some illegal means for the purpose of bodybuilding, you should be aware of the risk you are taking in terms of your health.