Singapore healthiest country in Asia

05 Apr

According to information hosted by Bloomberg in early 2017, Singapore is now considered to be the healthiest country in all of Asia as well as the fourth healthiest country on the planet.

Sitting just behind Italy, Iceland, and Switzerland (ranked first, second, and third, respectively), the quality of life that people born and raised in Singapore – as well as those that emigrate to Singapore later in life – enjoy is just about as good as it gets on the planet today.

This new ranking for Singapore (which jumped up a handful of spots since 2016) is rather surprising for many, considering the fact that they still lagged behind Japan when it comes to overall life expectancy and get the least amount of sleep on average compared to every other developed nation on the planet.


Even still, the folks at Bloomberg tabulated all of the data and have come to the conclusion that if you are serious about maximizing your health and wellness and want to live in Asia you can’t do any better than living in Singapore!

Healthcare in Singapore is top-notch

One of the biggest reasons that Singapore was able to claim the top spot on this list is the fact that they have the very best healthcare services in all of Asia, beating out Japan as well as China for this distinction.

Investing a considerable amount of money in their medical community, in their medical infrastructure, and making sure that all citizens of Singapore are able to access affordable healthcare without any risk to their short or long-term financial future, Singapore is doing healthcare the right way and countries around the world could definitely learn from their initiatives.

People in Singapore are incredibly active

Another big boost in Singapore’s favor is the fact that the overwhelming majority of their citizenry (from young people to elderly people and every age in between) enjoys a relatively active lifestyle compared to the rest of Asia as well as the rest of the world.

Singapore is not only one of the most amazing urban areas in all of Asia, but it also happens to have a tremendous amount of outdoor activities available – many of them based in or around the ocean. Folks lead very active and outdoor focus lifestyles in Singapore, and on top of that many people commute either by walking or by bicycle and that helps to support a happy and healthy lifestyle as well.

Still room for improvement

As we highlighted above, Singapore is currently the fourth healthiest country on the planet (up a handful of spots from just a few short years ago) and will undoubtedly be looking for ways to improve their position on this list as best they are able to in the years to come.

The people of Singapore still get the lowest amount of sleep each and every night on average, and that is definitely something that is going to have to change for them to get even healthier. Japan enjoys a longer overall longevity compared to Singapore, but a lot of that is attributed to the larger amount of outdoor spaces in Japan for people to enjoy and explore.

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