Innovations in Cosmetic Medical Procedures

20 Nov

Cosmetic procedures have developed throughout the years due to the high demand for aesthetic medical treatments and improvements in medical technology. People realize that a cosmetic medical procedure doesn’t necessarily involve being hospitalized or having to recover for weeks after a procedure, so they start looking for help for their physical insecurities more and more. Everyone should do their best to feel confident and comfortable with their appearance.

It turns out that not only women are self-conscient about their bodies – men believe they aren’t perfect either. According to recent studies, 60% of men are unsatisfied with the size of their penis. The good news is there are various simple cosmetic options to enhance penis size. Most men don’t dare to ever solve this insecurity due to stigma in regard to the issue and the privacy insecurity. Also, the most common opinion is that the treatments available are painful and require a long time of recovery, so it’s an extra reason not to look for more information about this concern.

Forget about painful penis surgery! Innovation is here and the team at CALIBRE Clinic have now an almost painless treatment that offers the best results in no time. The CALIBRE doctors are trained at the highest possible level to ensure a pain free solution to improve your lifestyle and self-confidence. Most guys just want to be comfortable and confident with the appearance of their penis and CALIBRE is suitable for all men who:

  • lack confidence as a result of their current penis size;
  • have mild asymmetry due to medical conditions, prior surgery or injury e.g. Peyronies; or
  • wish to increase penis size to enhance sexual intimacy for their partner.

What is important is having realistic expectations of what can and cannot be achieved given your unique personal circumstances. This will be discussed and explained during your confidential doctor consultation. You may be treated if circumcised or uncircumcised.

With aging, while men fight with erection issues, women may suffer  another embarrassing experience called urinary incontinence. For those who find this term unfamiliar, this is actually accidental urinary elimination that usually takes place in activities that increase intra-abdominal pressure such as coughing, sneezing, laughter, or when the patient can not get to the toilet fast enough.

Incontinence is not a disease itself, but rather a symptom of a lower urinary tract disease and is very common, especially in elderly adults, especially is women experiencing menopause. Usually, urinary incontinence does not cause major health problems, but it can be embarrassing and can affect the patient’s self-confidence. With the onset of menopause, some women notice this unpleasant phenomena, which is the urgent need for urination sometimes accompanied by urinary incontinence. According to studies conducted so far, physicians have found that there is a direct link between the occurrence of these symptoms and the discontinuation of the estrogen-stimulating function of the urinary tract.

Estrogen performs multiple roles in a woman’s body, some of which is to regulate the number of cells on the surface of the bladder tissue and to prevent their excessive loss in an infection.

Academy laser clinics offers now a revolutionary treatment to urinary incontinence. MonaLisa Touch is a 10 minute laser treatment that is highly effective at resolving not only UI, but also many uncomfortable vaginal and urinary incontinence symptoms, such as:

  • Vaginal dryness or itching;
  • Painful intercourse or vulva pain
  • Thin or fragile skin and membrane, which tears easily
  • Loss of elasticity and tone (known as laxity);
  • Urinary incontinence or light bladder leakage;
  • Thrush and bladder infections (UTIs); and
  • Mild Prolapse

MonaLisa Touch resolves estrogen drops in the vaginal tissue (typically occurring during menopause or after childbirth) by re-activating the production of new collagen and reestablishing the conditions that the vaginal mucosa once had and represents one of the most effective non-surgical and non-pharmacological solutions for preventing and treating vaginal atrophy and its after-effects. The stigma of the side-effects that are created by giving birth or menopause doesn’t have to affect you anymore, since this procedure is done by professionals who care about safety and respect your need for privacy. With such an amazing and non-invasive solution, every women’s life can be improved.

Another sign of getting old or gaining weight is the so-called double chin. The neck area is one of the most visible parts of the body, and its appearance is very important as it highlights aging very quickly. Usually, this problem can be removed with surgery, which has as a purpose to reduce the excess skin and to extend the appearance of the skin by eliminating wrinkles. Neck lifting improves the appearance of the neck by stretching the skin in the affected area to help the skin regain its tone. The intervention can be done alone or together with a face lifting if necessary. However, going for a face lift or other operation requires a lot of patience, courage and time. The process of post-recovery can be a painful one, and technology has come to offer a less invasive procedure that has the same benefits, without the added pain.

Academy Face and Body offers a revolutionary treatment for double chin removal, without the need for surgery. A dermal filler with a synthesized form of deoxcholic acid (a substance found naturally in our bodies and is used to help break down fat in food) is injected, which breaks down the targeted fat cells under the skin resulting in a more contoured and refined neck and jawline. No Surgery, no scarring, just a simple injection that can reduce your double chin.