How to Overcome the Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal

09 Nov

Most people are scared to quit the opiate because of the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. The symptoms that opiate user can face after quitting is muscle aches, insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness etc. these symptoms are unbearable and most people start using opiate again. But instead of getting afraid of these symptoms, collect your courage and quite it once and for all because after all in long run your health is more important.

Here are some suggestions which will help you to withdraw from opiate without any serious side effects.

Kratom for opiate withdrawal

Kratom herbal formula gives the best alternative for opiate just kratom does not has any side effect. There are more than one kratom strains which can be used for the purpose of overcoming the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Borneo, Maeng Da kratom, Bali and Malay kratom strains are famous for this purpose.

You can choose any strain for start and even the minimum dosage will help to get rid of the symptoms.

You can take kratom any form you like. Take a cup of tea of kratom powder or take capsules both are equally beneficial.

Get a good sleep

One way to avoid some serious symptoms of quitting opiate is to have a long and comfortable sleep. As long as you are asleep you will not have to face the symptoms and it will also help you with your sore and tired muscles.

It is also said that when you are sleeping your body speed up the healing process. So a good sleep can fix the wear and tear which opiate has done internally to your body.

Hot water

Water is known as the best detox if you just have withdrawn recently from opiate you need to stay hydrated. Take hot or warm water early in the morning, it will flush out all the chemicals from your body and you would crave less for the opiate. Bath or shower of hot water is also good for the symptoms as it will give relief to your sore muscles and you will feel lighter. Swimming is also one way to deal with the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.


You may not feel like getting up and go for a walk or something but trust me it can be a great help to you. Find your strength and go for a walk even slow walk will do, once you are warmed up you can do some hardcore exercise. Exercise will give you a good distraction and be using your strength in right place will give you a good piece of mind.


Massages will give you relief from body and muscle pains which are the result of withdrawal of opiate. Try having massages often it will be good for you.


These are some suggestions which will help you to get rid of opiate for good and make your body clean and healthy. Other than these tips you should also take healthy meals full of minerals and vitamins.