Deducing the pros and cons of ketogenic diet before starting off with it

24 May

There are times when the amount of ketone bodies within our blood system increase to a level which is much more than normal. During this time, the human body is said to be within the metabolic state of ketosis. In order to be in the ketogenic state, you just have to make sure that the lipid energy metabolism in your body does not go through any remarkable changes. During this period, your body takes resort to your body fat and breaks it down in order to get the energy that is needed to keep up normal functions of the body running perfectly. If you’re wondering about how to accomplish your fitnessgoals, here are few pros and cons of ketogenic diet plan which you should take into account.

The benefits you will reap from Ketogenic diet

  • Burns extra fat: In case you’re someone who has taken resort to ketogenic diet, it enhances the ability of the body to exploit fat that is stored inside for production of energy. When you eat a meal that is very rich in carbohydrates, your entire body’s ability to convert fat into fuel gradually decreases. But during the state of ketosis, your body has no other option but to turn fats for producing fuel.
  • Helps in excreting Ketones: Whenever you’re on a ketogenic diet, you body is not in need of ketones ad hence it has to be excreted in the form of waste products. This means that there will be body fat in your urine. The best part of this is your body doesn’t require storing energy for using it in the future.
  • Lowers levels of insulin: Did you know that a decrease in insulin levels within your body system enhances Lipolysis and release of glycerol? This is in stark contrast to what happens to your body when you have normal diet and when levels of insulin rise to a high level. Low insulin levels favor the release of hormones like growth hormone.
  • Decreases your appetite: When you’re in the state of ketosis, you will definitely feel less hungry as you will feel full most of the time. You can then start surviving on a low calorie diet and you won’t feel hungry as you consume meals which are rich in carbs.

Is there a proof of the effectiveness of ketogenic diet?

Blood glucose levels, insulin and glucagon are the main players as long as controlling ketosis is concerned. Our pancreas secretes insulin during the presence of carbohydrates and the purpose is to regulate the level of glucose by thrusting blood glucose into the cells. Reduction in levels of insulin increases blood glucose and this is also unhealthy for human body.

Hence, if you’re eager to stay fit by adapting the ketogenic diet plan, make sure you consider the benefits of this diet program before taking the plunge.