How to Find the Perfect Orthopedic Surgeon

29 Nov
Young doctor at medical office

When your primary doctor finally has recommended you consult an orthopedic surgeon, it can be a relief, especially when you have long been suffering from that shoulder pain. Maybe this pain had been distracting you from carrying out your daily activities for long and you are now optimistic to find a lasting solution. However, getting the right orthopedic surgeon is not always a walk in the park. The injury might be stressful and the time to shop around for the perfect doctor may be limited. Also, you only have a single chance of getting the best surgeon around. Therefore, to ensure that you utilize that opportunity to the fullest, here are some steps to take while shopping around for the most appropriate orthopedic surgeon.

Get referrals

Your primary health doctor is better placed to give you quality referrals, and therefore, it is imperative to ask them for a referral list. Also, find useful resources to ask for these recommendations. Friends and family will always be of much help. Take time to go through the referral list with the aim of getting, not only the best, but also the most experienced well-regarded surgeon that you can freely and honestly communicate with. Especially if your case entails multiple procedures, having the same surgeon working on you means that they understand your situation, your prospects, and limitations.

Research their credentials

Ensure you go through their credentials through a myriad of websites and narrow down your list before making calls for consultation appointments and interviews with them. An orthopedic surgeon must be board certified as this tells whether they possess the required training, experience, and skills to carry out the procedure. They should not have any malpractice history, claims, or disciplinary actions. Certain websites provide the medical school where the doctor trained, their certification status, and any disciplinary or malpractice cases if any. Do the same with their hospital to know their patient mortality rate and even post-surgical problems if any before choosing their services.

The quality of hospital

Carry out extensive research about the quality of your doctor’s hospital. Sports Medicine Clinic – Ballard, Northwest Hospital UW Medicine prides itself as one of the most quality hospitals in 1455 NW Leary Way 350, WA 98107 Seattle. Ensure you consider the hospital’s quality of surgery center and health care. Patients getting treatment from the top-rated hospitals encounter fewer complications, if any, and a higher survival rate. Better still, it should be in a better location for you so that follow up procedures after treatment or rehabilitation visits can be more convenient.

Visiting your prospective candidate for an interview is advised. Here, you need not be shy to ask about the number of surgeries they have conducted and how they are prepared to handle yours. The excellent orthopedic surgeon is aware of this and ready to explain how they would carry out the procedure. If they get offended by your question, maybe you just might as well rule them out and get one who is open to you and answers any questions. Following these and many other tips will ensure that you finally land on the best surgeon for shoulders.