How is Hair Transplant Cost Decided in India

24 Jan

The hair transplant cost in India is always being an ear-raising question as the medical data has been clearly figured out that around 80% of hair transplant procedure is done in India. This is one of the most pertinent questions arise by the hair loss/bald patient when they choose the option as a final decision. The most prevailing questions related to the cost of hair transplant in India are, “how much does a hair transplant cost?” and another one is, and “what is the cost of per graft in the restoration procedure”. Both the questions cannot be answered straightly because there are several other factors that influence the procedure application must consider while a Surgeon assessing the scalp condition of a patient. The cost cannot be same for every patient because each individual has a different state of loss and has different physical and physiological condition. Every individual has different grade of baldness along with a different desire for the graft placement that can be segmented into the pattern of hair loss, hairline design, high-density, the crown area covering, facial profile, Etc. However, saying that the cost is straight and should be measured by a particular parameter is patently a false statement.

The cost of hair restoration is not a straight factor and it depends upon several other factors that influence the procedure both externally and internally are as follows:

The available NW Class of baldness: The state of hair loss is decided by the extent of loss that affects the particular area of the scalp is rated on the scale, is knows as Norwood class described by Dr. O’Tar Norwood in 1975. The NW class is segmented into 7 categories ranges from class I to VII. How much area is bald is defined on the Norwood scale by saying the particular grade, whether it is grade III, IV, V or above that! The NW pattern loss establishes the need for particular graft numbers that directly associated with the grades. As much the NW grade gradually increases, the required number of grafts for the procedure will increase and the cost is put accordingly.

The Required number of Grafts: The graft requirement is decided by the area which has to be covered as well as the density that you desire in order to get the best possible result of the procedure. Generally, the cost of the restoration procedure is decided by the graft number and each graft in the surgical restoration weighs some cost. Per graft cost in India generally ranges between Rs. 25 to 120 INR/ considered as the most genuine and an affordable one as compared to the other countries of the world.

The High-Density Hair Transplant: The high-density hair transplant always requires a good number of grafts that increases the overall cost of the procedure. The densely-packed has a need for a good amount of graft that automatically enhances the price of the surgical restoration.

The applied Technique:  The chosen technique of the procedure, either the FUT or an FUE one that decides the cost of the procedure directly. Generally, the cost of FUT technique is lesser as compared to the FUE; nonetheless, the technique FUT gives the best result in terms of graft number and the possibility of a high-density hair transplant.

The Expertise of Hair Transplant Surgeon: The cost of the procedure also depends on the performing Surgeon’s expertise and perfection. If the procedure is taken by the proficient and a pioneer Surgeon the value cost will be applicable and on the other hand, a less experienced Surgeon doesn’t ask for the handsome cost of the procedure.

The State-of-the-art Facilities of a Clinic/Centre: The state-of-the-art facilities of the clinic set them apart from other general clinics as the well-maintained clinics are equipped with the advanced technique and technology that weighs the cost of the surgical procedure.


Summarizing all, we can say that the cost of hair restoration is a random factor influenced by several other factors that are decided by the surgeon after a careful assessment of the scalp condition of a patient.