How to Choose Weight Lifting Gloves for the Gym

15 Dec

Weight lifting gloves are designed to protect your hands when you are lifting weights and give you grip strength that enables you to life longer. When you are in the market for weight lifting gloves for the gym, you should keep your comfort level in mind. For instance, if you feel that weighing a full glove that includes a wrist wrap and fingertips weighs you down, chances are that you will not wear it and this will essentially defeat the purpose of the gloves. Therefore, there are some key elements you should take into consideration when choosing weight lifting gloves for the gym. What are they? The top ones are listed here:

  • Size

The size of the glove can make a huge difference. For instance, a full and large glove doesn’t work for everyone. Luckily, you can find weight lifting gloves in a wide array of size ranges. Some of the varieties that are available include wrist wrap gloves for providing your wrists with additional support, fingerless gloves secured at the wrists and grip pads that you wear on the fingers for covering the areas that come in contact with the bar.

  • Fit

One of the most important considerations is the fit of the weight lifting gloves for gym. You need to ensure that they fit securely and will not move around when you are busy lifting. Any excess movement can cause the material of the gloves to create friction on your hands and this results in calluses and blisters. If possible, you should try the gloves on before purchasing to determine the right fit. In the case where you don’t have this option, you can opt for a pad that can slide on your fingers.

  • Material

A variety of materials are used for making weight lifting gloves. Leather gloves are known to last for years, but they lead to sweat buildup when you are exercising. There are also nylon gloves available, but their problem is that they are slippery and may not be very helpful in securing the weights. Mostly used for making wet suits, the neoprene fabrics are synthetic and are able to absorb sweat, thereby allowing for a more secure grip on the weights. Plus, you can wash these gloves easily to keep them clean and fresh. However, those who suffer from a latex allergy should use neoprene gloves with caution as some of them may have latex fibers.

  • Cost

You are investing in your protection by seeking out affordable weight lifting gloves for training. These gloves can be immensely useful for reducing the possibility of a weight slipping from your hands, protect your hands from blisters and other injuries and also make it easier for you to lift weights and exercise longer. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for gloves that suit your budget and can also last for a long time. It is best for you to get a couple of pairs so you can take one at the gym and leave the others at home for quick workouts.