Implant Technology Makes Permanent Dental Restoration Possible

Implant Technology Makes Permanent Dental Restoration Possible
08 Mar

There are various reasons that people find themselves missing one or more teeth. Tooth loss can occur due to decay, disease or an accident causing cracked or broken teeth. Whatever the reason a patient has lost one or more teeth, dental implants can help the dentist repair the damage. While crowns, bridges and dentures have traditionally been used to achieve mouth reconstruction, they will need to be replaced periodically.

Dental implants have been available for a few decades, but it has only been within the past several years that new technology has made them more useful and affordable. It is unfortunate that few dental insurance plans will cover the cost of dental implants, but this may change since implants are virtually permanent. At the present time, some dental plans will cover a percentage of the cost of an implant if the procedure is deemed medically necessary.

When someone has lost teeth that are next to each other as might happen due to a traumatic accident, the previous repair involved a bridge or even a denture. An all-on-four or all-on-six procedure uses implant techniques to securely anchor the appliance to the jaw bone. An anchor is inserted into the jawbone of the patient, and an abutment is attached to it once bone and gum tissue have grown around it. The final step involves attaching a crown, bridge or denture to the abutment, providing a secure and natural looking restoration.

Some people choose a full or partial mouth restoration because their natural teeth have grown in crooked or are shaped in an unnatural way. An attractive smile is quite important in our modern society. Teeth that are very unattractive can be so embarrassing as to affect how a person relates to others.

People who opt to have their damaged teeth replaced using dental implants have their choice of several crown materials. Porcelain and resin are likely the most popular choices, but stainless steel, cubic zirconia and gold are also available.

Dental implants are still quite expensive, so most people are not able to pay for them all at once. Most dentists do offer financing with low fixed rates and no upfront payments.